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About the Ministry

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There is a gifting given by GOD to those HE appoints to leadership. It empowers them, working beyond their own capabilities to produce HIS results through their voice and body. I was a first rate sinner! I tried practically everything you can do that doesn't please God. It was not because of a "righteous" life, my being a "good" person or any specific educational track that I'm qualified to serve GOD. It is simply because he chose me and equipped me to complete His mission. You come to a place of extreme humility in knowing there isn't a single thing you can produce on your own to achieve the results GOD is looking for. In 2009, after GOD had been dealing with me heavily for years, a challenging 10 year illness had left me pondering my future, purpose and questioning GOD. At that time, the Lord began to speak to me daily and give me dreams. He sent strangers to me often between 2006-2009 to plant prophetic seeds as to what my future held. These events culminated in My being taken up in a vision in which an Angel confirmed that GOD would use me and that my sins had been washed white. The Angel commissioned me to "Teach the Resurrection of Jesus Christ". I've been doing this ever since. It hasn't been easy, many times I thought of quitting. Early on, a friend loaned me space in an animal clinic and I began to teach bible there... Just us( the group ), a room and some chairs loaned to me by a Christian Funeral director! Two years later, the Bible study attendees were mentioning meeting on Sundays. The future OASIS church was born from a single $1,100 offering given, a borrowed sound system and those same funeral chairs! A few years later, the Lord moved my family and I into full time ministry. A proven Insurance Agent in the years prior to my call to ministry, I could never seem to get into the upper echelon. Six figure income, yes, but just not able to crack the TOP level. God had His plans for a ministry. No matter how hard I worked, it wouldn't work out. No matter how many checks I took or sales made- I couldn't make the numbers that would take me to the very top. It finally became apparent that GOD was moving Me out of the business of Insurance and into the business of FAITH. And it took plenty of FAITH! With no denominational funding or church plant help, we have had to TRUST God for each day's food and enough for bills to be paid. More than a time or two, people would stop by the house with a check and testify that God told them to bring an offering. GOD always provided! The LORD has continued to attest the ministry with Healings and Miracles but primarily that everyone who becomes a part and puts the Word of GOD to work is BLESSED and has their needs met. The Ministry is still small by traditional standards, but the LORD has confided that there is quite a future in store. "Despise not the day of small beginnings..."
I welcome you to join us and "taste and see that the Lord is good".

We are "together in victory in Jesus Christ!"

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