Christ is King

The Gift of GOD

God's gift of Salvation through GRACE is truly amazing! GRACE has been described as "favor or goodwill someone has shown you that you've done nothing to deserve". This is exactly what GOD has done through Jesus Christ. Jesus, the Son of GOD, negotiated a "contract" with His Father promising that every person who comes to GOD through Him is (1) Reinstated to Right Standing & Peace with GOD and (2) Adopted as a Legal Son of GOD. We use our God given "freedom of choice" to "lock in" His promise. That is, anyone who "believes & confesses"Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for our sins and GOD raised Him from the Dead, is "GIVEN" the Promise of GOD! Jesus, the Son of God, came to Earth as a Man and fulfilled the old contract, (the Law of Righteousness, also called "works" (being sinless)), via a life of doing God's will and never committing a sin. God then charged Jesus with every count of sin for all mankind (His life in place of ours), nailing Him to a cross unto death. Having fully upheld GOD's law, Jesus, "as a man in the flesh", fulfilled the necessary sacrifice needed to redeem mankind from the penalty of Death through sin. Since death came to all men ,originally, thru one man's (Adam's) sin, all men may now have life through one man's (Jesus') sacrifice. The new contract or "covenant" put into effect by His sacrifice is called "Righteousness by Faith".

Amazing Grace - that a sinner is now made Righteous before GOD and adopted as a GOD's child not by adherence to a code of do's and dont's but by the confession of his heart though FAITH in JESUS CHRIST!

It's the BEST NEWS the World will ever hear!

GOD says to YOU in Romans 10:9, "if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe in your heart that GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved".

The plan GOD put together to save YOU sounds too good to be true. REALLY, it is! That's why is called GRACE. But, remember, GOD put this plan in place because HE loves you and wants you to know Him. Don't fall into the trap of letting your mind decide what it takes to be forgiven by GOD. Many people make the mistake of adding works or actions to GOD's plan of GRACE. Some people decide that even though GOD wants them as they are, they are not good enough for him to save. With all due respect, GOD didn't leave it up to us, it's not about what we think should happen or what anyone else says. GOD honors HIS WAY! You can't be good enough, sinless enough, ready enough, have your life put together well enough, or even do anything to deserve it more because it's not by works anymore- GOD's plan is simply by FAITH. GOD's way is the RIGHT Way and the ONLY Way.

Knowing the Truth, you can be set free. Take advantage of GOD's covenant of GRACE right now. If you truly believe that GOD raised Jesus from the DEAD, confess it now and receive the Gift of Right Standing with GOD through Jesus Christ. If you do, at that very moment, you're Born as a Child into the Kingdom of GOD!

Just like with any newborn child, this is the beginning of your Spiritual life in Christ. Newborns are not expected nor equipped to make it on their own. They need family, nourishment, caring, and protection. This is what the Church is- the group where we are protected, learn and grow into Spiritual Men and Women. Not only this, but we are trained to take our place in the Kingdom of GOD for His glory on the Earth. Please email us and let us know you've taken GOD up on His Covenant of GRACE. We'd like to get some info into your hands to help you with your new life. Choose to be a part of a local church as this is God's plan for all Christians. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can.

May the LORD Bless you and keep you forever, Amen!

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